Class Descriptions



Ballet Instruction at BHDC is deivided into 2 categories:

1. The study of theory and practice of technique

a. the rules of ballet (such as the proper movement of the head in turn)

b. artistic expression

c. musical phrasing

2. The practice of technique encompasses:

a. barre work

b. center work (turns, adagio, petite allegro, grand allegro & combinations)

c. across the floor (grand allegro, turns, combinations)

BHDC has developed a complet curriculum that carries a student from pr e-ballet to advanced level. Each level generally takes two years to complets.

Pre-Primary Creative Movement: Ages 3-4: A 45 minute class.The purpose is to open a studen’ts mind

to creative thoughts and self-discovery. Basic body control, balance, posture, rhythm, joy of movement, classroom etiquette, etc., is included.

Pre-Primary: Ages 4-6: A 45-minute class: This program is specially designed to provide children with

a strong foundation in dance and movement. It teaches basic elements of ballet, creative movement, musical rhythm, opposites and directions. Integrated are intellectual concepts such as self-awareness, listening skills and taemwork.

Primary Ballet/Tap: Ages 6-8: A one hour combination class. STudents are introducted to classical ballet technique that includes barre work, center exercises and across the floor grand allegro movements.

Tap rudments, rhythm and terminology are begun.

Intermediate I Ballet: Ages 8-10

Intermediate II Ballet: Ages 10-12

Intermediate III Ballet: Ages 12-14 (2 times per week): Pointe work is introduced as an option to

those who qualify.

Advanced Ballet: Ages 14-Adult (2 times per week): Pointe work is continued.


Tap dance is offered from primary through advanced levels. As in ballet, a careful curriculum

designed by BHDC is followed. Students learn tap terminology and tap styles such as rhythm (jazz)

tap, roadway, softshoe, military, waltz clog, contemporary and improvisation. Students are taught classic reporatory from the great tap masters plus having fun with innovative ideas of our current national professionals and BHDC directors.


Jazz dance students
are given a wide variety of jazz dance styles. Classic jazz, Musical Theater, Hip Hop, Lyrical, etc, are incorporated. The classes consistof jazz warm-ups, across the floor

movements, and combinations.

Intermediate I/II: Ages 9-12

Intermediate III: Ages 12-14

Advanced: Ages 14-Adult


Modern dance is a technique based on the principles of fall and recovery and contraction and release.

Its a study of free/experimental movement derived from expression of inner feeling. It is danced in bare feet. The class is open to upper intermediate and advanced level dancers.


This is availabel to students wanting a faster-[aced class with more performance opportunities.

It is a reperatory class that supplements the general classes. The focus is on performance technique developing a varied repertoire and “How To Audition.” Master classes on acting and singing are int he plans as well. It is enrolled by audition only.