Studio Policies



  1. Regular attendance is expected.
  2. Arrive promptly for class.
  3. If a student misses a class, it is the student’s responsibility to make-up the time in another class. Tuition is not    adjusted for missed classes.
  4. Classes are to be made up within the month they are missed.
  5. No student will be dismissed early from class without: A. Written permission note from a parent B. Prior    telephone call from a parent C. Parental escort from the studio premises.
  6. Please be prompt to pick up your child after class. If a student is still waiting 15 minutes after the class is    dismissed, expect to pay a child-care fee of $1.00 per minute that a faculty member must be available to watch    over your dancer.
  7. Class cancellations due to bad weather will be announced on the studio phone.


  1. After dropping out of the program, BHDC always welcomes a student back.
  2. The level they will be enrolled in will be determined by the teacher.
  3. Returning students should not automatically expect to advance along with their classmates who have continued    their training.
  4. Consult with the director about a program that will be personalized for you and Welcome Back!!
  5. Students who drop out of the program twice are not re-enrolled.


  1. Parent observation is by teacher approval or a designated Open House.
  2. Please confer with the teacher before entering the class.
  3. Observations in the pre-primary class are reserved to Open House/Demonstrations only. Parents in the    classroom cause disruptions at this age level.
  4. Feel free to discuss your child’s progress with the teacher. Call for an appointment.
  5. Students are expected to behave in a respectful manner toward their teachers and the other students in the    class.
  6. A separate room is provided for class preparation. Articles of value and/or cash should be brought into the    studio for safekeeping.
  7. Gum, food, drinks (other than water) are not allowed in the studio.
  8. Street shoes are not allowed on the studio floor.


  1. Ballet: leotard, tights, ballet shoes, hair secured off the neck (bun is preferred) Skirts are allowed at the    advanced level.
  2. Jazz: leotard, footless tights, shorts/jazz pants, jazz shoes, hair secured off neck.
  3. Tap: Same with tap shoes. Adv tap can wear casual clothes for easy movement.
  4. Modern: leotard, footless tights, jazz pants, no shoes, hair secured off neck.
  5. Boys: white T-shirt, black shorts or pants, black dance shoes.
  6. Pilates: Comfortable exercise clothes
  7. No jewelry – including watches
  8. Any student arriving for class without appropriate dancewear will be asked to observe the class.


  1. Tuition at BHDC is an annual fee that is paid in 9 equal monthly installments.
  2. Prepayment is accepted with discounts given if paid-in-full by October 31st.
  3. A $25 service charge is assessed for any returned checks.
  4. Refunds for pre-registration prior to August 31st: new students will be given a full refund minus the registration    fee. Returning students will receive a full refund minus a $10.00 processing fee.
  5. No pre-registration refunds are given after August 31st.
  6. A mailbox is in the front room for tuition deposits. Cash payments should be made directly to the teacher.
  7. See additional information on the “Tuition” page.


Black Hills Dance Centre takes every reasonable precaution but assumes no responsibility for personal injury.